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Stay Safe In The Big Lightning Storm


Stay Safe In The Big Lightning Storm

6 random facts about me…

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1. I am almost certain that I own more shoes than my wife, and I don’t know if I should be proud of that fact.

2. As she likes to point out very often, I also own way more grey hair than she does. I’ll probably never go bald, but there probably won’t be any brown hair left by the time I’m 40.

3. I was born in Germany and spent my first couple years there.

4. My thumbs, and only my thumbs are double-jointed. I learned this fact accidentally on a boring road trip as a kid. I was pulling back on thumb when, all of the sudden, it popped out of joint and bent backwards completely. Kind of a startling revelation.

5. Although I have a completely irrational fear of all things spiders, Spider-Man remains one of my all time favorite comic book superheroes.

6. I spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy. During that time, I lived in 4 different states, and I visited 10 foreign countries.

I almost forgot! Not tagging anyone specifically. If you want to do this, go ahead! If not, fine, but don’t come crying to me when the interweb police come for you.

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